ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey 2Q23

Talent shortage keeps Swiss companies' hiring intentions at a high level.


A message from Jan Jacob,

ManpowerGroup Switzerland Country Manager 

"The unprecedented demand for qualified professionals clearly shows that the talent shortage in Switzerland is becoming more acute. Companies of all sizes and in most industries are affected. To remain competitive in this challenging environment, companies should urgently review their employee recruitment and retention strategies."


Key findings

  • Despite global and regional risks, Swiss employers are optimistic: the net employment outlook for Q2 2023 is a record high of 31%.

  • Globally, the Net Employement Outlook stands at 23% (-6 percentage points compared to Q2 2022). The EMEA region, which also includes Switzerland, reports a positive value of 18% for Q2 2023.

  • Employees in the "Communication Services", "Healthcare & Life Science" and "Energy and Utilities" sectors are expected to benefit the most from the positive hiring intentions.

  • Swiss companies are concerned about the shortage of skilled workers. 76% have some or great difficulty filling vacancies. 63% are therefore planning to look for employees abroad.

  • In dealing with the shortage of skilled workers, 38% of companies stated that they made employment more attractive through flexible working hours and part-time work. In each case, 32% of companies mentioned attracting potential workers with higher wages and additional flexibility in the workplace.

  • Professional qualifications in demand are mainly IT and data competence, followed by HR qualifications as well as skills in the field of operations and logistics. In terms of soft skills, competences such as problem-solving, sense of responsibility and critical thinking are mostly sought-after. To acquire the demanded soft skills, 57% of companies plans to offer training programs to their current employees.


Every quarter, the ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey determines companies' forecasts for staffing levels in the coming quarter. Internationally, ManpowerGroup surveys approximately 40000 employers in 40 countries. In Switzerland, the national survey is conducted by Right Management Consultants. More than 500 employers from various industries were surveyed.

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Strongest hiring intentions among organizations are reported in Panama (+41%), Costa Rica and Guatemala (+38%); weakest in Poland (8%), Greece (7%), and Hungary (2%).



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Hiring intentions at historic record levels. Swiss companies are turning to cross-border recruitment to address unprecedented talent shortages.