Swiss companies: how can you offer a job to a refugee?

As an employer, what are you allowed to do for Ukrainian refugees coming in? 

What can Swiss employers do for Ukrainian refugees?

Our country is currently welcoming several thousands Unkrenian refugees and you wonder what you can do to help them.

You will find below some unseful links that will help you fully understand the applicable laws and regulations and you can always reach out to us via the form in this page or by calling one of our branches.

With the S-status refugees from Ukraine are allowed to work in Switzerland. The Swiss Government provides some helpfull information for Swiss employers.

A question that often comes up is: How are refugees insured?

As soon as Ukrainians report to a federal asylum center and submit an application for protection status S there, they are registered for compulsory health insurance by the canton retroactively to the date on which the application was submitted. The health insurance companies are obliged to include them in the compulsory insurance. Employed persons are insured against accidents, non-employed persons can insure themselves against accidents through the health insurance company. Those who do not have enough money can apply for social assistance for the premiums.​

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