What you need to know about Switzerland

You have arrived in Switzerland. Here is an overview of what you should know.

Kick start your Swiss life

1. First things first: how can I find a place to stay

Coming into Switzerland the most important thing is to have a roof over the head and being able to rest. Please find below some links that will help finding housing:

2. Find a school or day care for your children

In Switzerland Child Care and Education are regulated by the Cantons. This means there are differences depending on where you are located. Below are some resources to get an overview of the educational system in Switzerland. 

3. Education

To get integrated in Switzerland and be able to be part of the community you live in,  it is good to learn either French or German – depending on where you are located. And, speaking one of our country's language will make your job search easier. The Cantons are responsible for languages classes for refugees.